Empowering decentralized
obligation management

TOP is an open, decentralized protocol that enables businesses to manage seller’s fulfillment obligations against buyer’s payment obligations, while also facilitating settlements and adding liquidity to the market.

The world's trade obligation information is becoming tokenized

With the introduction of Ethereum ERC-20 fungible tokens, the world’s value is becoming tokenized. However, what the world needs now is Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT) that are unique and hold information instead of value. We believe they (ERC-721) are the future of blockchain economics. In the case of trade obligations, there are needs for Re-Fungible Tokens (RFT).

In the future, most trade obligations including goods, services and debt instruments will be tokenized.


Off-chain claims
On-chain booking

In the TOP ecosystem, agreements, claims and acceptances are conducted off-chain. Allowing permissioned viewing, reduce gas costs drastically and eliminate blockchain bloat. Claim verifiers can help to validate claims for acceptance, charging a small fee. Anyone can build a claim verifier.

TOP Benefits

Trustless Trade
Build on Blockchain’s distributed network with no centralized point of failure and no down time, each claim is accepted and settled automatically and without counterparty risk.

Add Liquidity
One of the key functions of the the payment obligation token is to be used as a digital draft. The digital draft
integrates many financial attributes such as transaction, payment, liquidation, credit, financingThe credit and financing functions of digital draft continue to deepen in a market environment with poor liquidity. It also lays down the foundation for DApps to support deep tiered financing.

Smart Contracting
TOP provides tools for DApps to build domain specific taxonomy for agreement which enables capturing of relevant business obligations (terms and conditions) associated with participated parties. These terms and conditions can then be used through smart contract designer to generate the desired smart contracts to manage (validate, authorize and execute) various business events during the transaction life cycle. 

Facilitate Smart-Assets-Marketplace
By sharing a standard API, marketplace makers can easily aggregate trade asset pools, creating network effects around trade assets that compound as more market makers join the network.

Global Registry
In order to address the “double spend” issue for financing institutes around the world, TOP provides and global registry facility for registration and inquiry of any underlying trade assets being financed.

Reputation Avatar
Doing business is not just about completing the transaction, but in turn, is about the reputation you can earn which provides great value. TOP provides the mechanism to enable businesses to earn their reputation through delivering high quality work and making additional contribution to the community beyond transaction processing. Reputation score provides both the performance and commitment aspects of business, two things that credit score lack.

Open Source
TOP is open source, permission less and free to use.
Trading directly with a known counterpart for free,  allowing them to pay claim verifier some TOPP tokens to access their trade obligations tracking and matching capabilities.

Network of Networks

Depending on the business domain, country’s legal compliance and industry, each will take different paths and timeline moving toward to decentralized world, TOP provides the capability of networking the networks. It enables connecting of various platforms with various degree of DApps platforms. Each DApp can slowly migrate their business model without loosing the business connectivities.

One protocol, many opportunities

TOP protocol is a pluggable building block for DApps that requires business obligations management functionality. Join the many developers that are already using TOP protocol in their web applications and smart contracts.

Procure to Pay
Bring efficiency and transparency to the supply chain

Trade Assets Marketplace
Verify lien on a smart asset to eliminate fraud and duplicate financing

Financial Supply Chain Management (FSCM)
Deep tier financing and unlocking trapped liquidity

Letter of Credit (LC)
Automate document checking and auto trigger payment

P&C Insurance Claims 
Claim Advance: Why not an early payment?

Service Contract Management
Stop value leakage post contract signing

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